Social Media Day

socialmediadayMashable’s Social Media Day is a day to join fellow digital enthusiasts and celebrate the digital revolution of social media!

We think it is the perfect time to put the focus on the amazing and diverse people that make up Melbourne’s digital community. This is why on June 30 we are thrilled to come together for a collaborative unconference!


What is an unconference?

Wikipedia defines it as ‘a participant-driven meeting’, wherein sessions are like conversations and all attendees are expected to present a talk, give a demo, or participate in a roundtable. It needn’t be scary, though! All sessions are planned on the spot and there will be simultaneous sessions running, which means we’re sure to be talking about topics the group find interesting.

The guiding principle of an unconference is the Law of Two Feet: if at any time you find yourself neither learning nor contributing, it is your responsibility to get up and find a place where you can contribute or learn. If no one is asking the question you want answered, write it up as a roundtable discussion.

You can read more about the unconference format here:




On-site registration will be a lot like any other conference: you’ll pick up a name badge and note paper at the front desk. This will also be where housekeeping for food and drinks will occur throughout the day.

The only way to keep up with all of the sessions for the day is the session grid, a giant board with all of the available sessions listed on it. The session grid starts out empty and fills up quickly as sessions are proposed by writing a synopsis on your note paper and sticking it in one of the slots on the grid. A session can take any format: a presentation with Q&A, a demo, a panel of experts, or a roundtable. If you find yourself having a fascinating conversation over snacks or drinks, think about adding that topic to the session grid so other people can join in.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to prepare anything, just be there in time for the opening session. If you want to prepare a talk beforehand, write it up as a set of notes or questions instead of a formal PowerPoint presentation. Do bring props, posters, or diagrams if you have it; just don’t assume that there will be audiovisual equipment to use.

If you have a session idea, definitely talk to other attendees you know and get them involved.


Join in!

We will meet at Inspire9, L1 41 Stewart St, Richmond (behind Richmond Station) at 11am on Sunday, June 29. Each session will run for approximately 30 minutes with the day finishing at 4:30pm.

Please RSVP on Meetup and bring your ideas, passions, colleagues, friends, and followers!

The hashtag for the day is #smdmelb.




11.00am     Welcome
11.30am     Session planning
11.55am     Opening sessions
1.00pm     Lunch
2.15pm     Session planning
2.25pm     Afternoon sessions
4.15pm     Wrap up


Connect with us


Twitter: #socialmelb #smday



If you blog, photograph, or tweet your unconference experience, please share the link with us in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Social Media Day

  1. […] We are thrilled to be partnering with @SocialMelb and @Inspire9 for Social Media Day 2013, in their second annual unconference. The day will consist of approximately five session time slots in three collaborative spaces, all of which will be planned by attendees on the Session Grid. For more information, visit the Social Media Melbourne website. […]

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